Ongoing projects:

Sandy Silva – Migration Video Project (2012 – ….)

Polyphonica & Mariza Vamvoukli –Lesvos Choirs Concerts and Shows (2015 – ….)

Suzan Meryem Rosita Kalaycı & Oxford University History Department – Into Silence Project (2018 – …)

Some of the previous projects we are honored to be a part of:

•YÖRET Foundation – “Arts for Peace” Project (CIP USA – Youth at risk, 2008-2009)

•Anadolu University – “Every Body Hears” Project (Turkey, Hungary, Germany – Hearing impaired and deaf youngsters, 2008 – 2013)

• CCB Lisbon–“Twin cities” Project (Lisbon, Portugal – Hearing Impaired and deaf youngsters workshops, 2010)

•Dortmund University –“InTact Inclusive” Seminars (Germany – various disabled groups, 2010-2013)

• Antalya Piano Festival – “Music to Schools” Project (Antalya, Turkey – Social disadvantaged groups, 2013-2014)

• Alors, On le Fait (AOLF) – “Roots Body and Soul” Project (Paris, France – Prisoners, social disadvantaged groups, autistic youth, 2014)

• EU Youth Forum – “Body Percussion” Inclusive Project (Samsun, Antalya, Mardin, Kayseri, Erzurum, Turkey – university level youth forum project , 2013-2015)

• Genç Hayat Foundation – “Body Percussion” Project (İstanbul, Urfa, Mardin, G.Antep, Turkey – refugees and social disadvantaged youth, 2017-2018)

• Lesvos Solidarity, Pikpa and Poliphonica Choir – “Sing Together” Inclusion Project (Mythilene, Greece – Refugees, volunteers and locals, 2015 -….)

Some video links for special projects:

KeKeÇa – Antalya Piano Festival – Antalya Çocuk Korosu (Antalya children choir)

KeKeÇa – Antalya Güzel Sanatlar Lisesi (Antalya Fine arts and music high school)

KeKeÇa – EEYO (Every Body Hears Musical)

KeKeÇa – EEYO (Anadolu University hard of hearing and deaf youngsters midterm performance)

KeKeÇa – Polyphonica and Cantalaloun (Mytilini, Greece, Inclusive Choirs)

KeKeÇa – Europa Intact Inclusive Meeting (Dortmund, Germany)

Interactive performance with special needs audience: