KeKeÇa Basics (1) & Advance (2) – open to all participants / min 3 hours each
The workshop offers games and exercises of body music, based on KeKeÇa approach ‘the motion that creates sound’, aiming for the participants to discover their own ways of relating with the body and soul.

Lullabies – open to all, especially families with kids and babies / min 30 minutes

KeKeÇa recently had a video project on lullabies from different cultures and has been working on this specific field for a while. The workshop offers some basics of body percussion from KeKeÇa’s perspective and the participants will discover ways of singing lullabies with body percussion, sharing and learning from other cultures as well.

Soundpainting – for performers of music, dance, theater / min 3 hours

It is a sign language for performing arts. It’s used for Music, Dance and Theater groups (or mixed groups of these) to make live composition, improvisation, and/or to give a shape to a rehearsed piece . “Soundpainter” conducts the group with gestures and signs of the Soundpainting. Bring your instrument along.

Soundpainting with Body Percussion – open to all participants / min3 hours

This workshop is based on Soundpainting for Body Percussion. You can bring your instruments.

Usûl’s – Old Ottoman classical rhythmic patterns – open to all participants / min 2 hours

The workshop is based on the old Turkish – Ottoman classical cyclic rhythmical patterns called Usûl’s. It allows the participants to discover a unique understanding of the concept of rhythm through body percussion.

Anatolian Rhythms – open to all participants / min 2 hours

The workshop is based on traditional Anatolian ryththms, introducing natural grooves of odd meters like 7/8, 9/8 etc. with some song and dance examples through body percussion.

Teacher Training – teachers and trainers / min 3 hours

The workshop is based on body percussion and body music games and activities for teachers to be used with their students in classes. It attracts all teachers in different fields as body percussion is used in maths, literature, science etc. as well as music or physical education.

Special Groups – Hearing impaired and parents / min 1 hour

KeKeÇa has been working with the hearing impaired and the deaf youngsters and their families since 2007 within the context of ‘’Every Body Hears Project’’. This workshop involves body percussion activities and games for the hearing imparied.

Circle Song – Open to all participants / min 1.5 hours

The participants create their own rhythmical patterns and sing along in a circle together in this workshop.

”A Couple of Works” – for couples / min 1.5 hours

This workshop involves body percussion games and activities for couples to enjoy doing it together. It is open to youngsters starting from age 15.

Thematic Workshops (for companies – institutions and other interest groups)

Team building
Communication Skills
Hobby groups
Interactive shows (15 min. to 1 hour) 

Academics’ Selections

Body Music Basics, Vocabulary and Notation (6 hrs)
Body and Rhythm Notation through Prosody (45 mins – 2 hrs)
Group Improvisation Games on Body Music (2hrs – 3 hrs)
Creating Body Rhythm Patterns (3 hrs)
Arranging Body Percussion for Songs (basics – samples– creation lab) (4 hrs or more)
Circle Songs with Body Music (3 hrs)
Zeybek through Body Music (45 mins – 2 hrs)
Body Music Circle Songs with Usûls (3 hrs)
Usûl Transcriptions in Body Music (20 x 3 hrs. courses in total) (3 hrs or more)
Soundpainting Level 1 session for performers ((3 hrs or more)
Body Music for Classroom and Kindergarten Teachers (basics – samples – creation lab) (3 hrs or more)
Single-Body Polyrhythms (basics – samples – creation lab) (3 hrs or more)
Body-Usûl Polyrhythms (basics – samples – creation lab) (3 hrs or more)
Body-Usûl Algorhythms (basics – samples – creation lab) (3 hrs or more)

Discography of Trainings since 2006

Workshops and Lecture Demonstrations / Seminars

Istanbul Music Teachers’ Symposium – Lecture demonstration, workshop (2005-2009)

IF-İstanbul Film Festival (2006)

Ankara Creative Drama Association (2006)

19 Mayıs University, Samsun (2006)

Eskişehir Kids and Youth Theatres Reunions (2006-2007)

TÜBİTAK Science and Kids Magazine – Discovery Festival (Ankara 2006)

İstanbul Improvisation Festival (2007)

Yıldız Technical University Integrated Arts Department (2007)

International Kids and Communication Congress (2007, 2008, 2009)

Anadolu Üniversitesi EEYO(Integrated Disabled Institute) – KeKeÇa Ensemble ( 2007- …)

Galata Visibility Project (2008)

Maltepe University Dance Festival (2008)

Naturel Festival (2008)

TÜBİTAK – Ministry of Enivronment and Forestry, “The Smiling Face of Science” camp (Antalya 2008)

ODTÜ Preschool Education Days (Ankara 2008)

YÖRET Foundation, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Symposium (2008)

Orff-Schulwerk Training and Counseling Center (2004-2009)

1.International Body Music Festival (San Francisco 2008)

YÖRET Foundation, “Arts for Peace” Project (Gazi district, Istanbul 2009)

Kocaeli University Education Faculty (with YORET Foundation, Kocaeli 2009)

ÇATI Dance Studio (2009)

ÇIPLAK AYAKLAR Dance Studio (2009)

Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center (2009)

Gitarcafe (2009)

Bilgi University (2009)

Altın Oran Akademy (İzmir 2009)

KOÇ Foundation (2009)

TURKCELL Akademy (2009)

Anadolu University with Sandy Silva (Eskişehir 2009)

2.International Body Music Festival (San Francisco 2009)

French Cultural Center (Ankara, 2009)

İSTANBUL 2010 Agency (for music teachers , 2009)

Çıplak Ayaklar Dance Studio (2010)

Çıplak Ayaklar Dance Studio (for Middle East Technical University Dance Ensemble, 2010)

ITALY/Padova “G.Ferrari” Music Therapy School, “Every Body Hears” documentary and lecture demonstration, two day workshops (2010)

PORTUGAL/Lisbon CCB (Cultural Center of Belem)workshops (2010)

Boğaziçi University Korofest (Festival for Chorus) (2010)

IICS (ıstanbul International Community School) (2010)

YÖRET Foundation, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Symposium – lecture demonstration (2010)

Istanbul Psychoanalysis Association – Music and Psychoanalysis Symposium – lecture demonstration (2010)

IETM Istanbul – Balkan Express Meeting (June 2010)

GERMANY/Dortmund Europa InTact, Ruhr 2010 – workshops and lecture demonstration (2010)

İzmir TOBAV (Theatre and Opera Balet Foundation) (2010)

3. IBMF-International Body Music Festival – workshops, lecture demonstration (Brasil-Sao Paolo, 2010)

Conservartorio Brasileiro de Musica, Rio – Brasil (2010)

İstanbul 2010 European Cultural Capital Çekmeköy Primary Schools project (2010)

Anadolu University with Keith Terry (April 2011)

Trainings (KeKeÇa Body Percussion Basic Trainings)

Eskişehir Anadolu University , EEYO (hearing-impaired) (2006 – ….)

Galata Şifahanesi (Art and Therapy Center) (2008, ….)

İzmir TOBAV (spring and winter 2009)

Ezo Sunal Çocuk Atölyesi (Kids Workshop Center) (Spring and winter 2009, 2013)

MSGSÜ State Conservatorium Modern Dance Department (2009 – 2012)

Boğaziçi University Education Faculty, Music and Movement Class (2009 – 2010)