KeKeça | KeKeÇa


Tugay Basar and Timucin Gurer who have been working together since 2002 are doing performances, trainings and workshops, working for international and local projects for culture, arts and education through body percussion and body music. Since 2008 Gökçe, Ayse and Ezo joined in. The group has performances, workshops with various diverse groups and ages, teacher trainings, trainings for adults and youngsters as well as inclusive, disabled, and disadvantaged groups. They involve the audience also in their performances.

They have been involved in projects with YORET Foundation (U.S. State Department sponsored project, “Engaging Marginalized Youth Through the Arts” in partnership with The Council of International ProgramsUSA-CIPUSA- from Cleveland/Ohio); Anadolu University School for the Handicapped (Every Body Hears Project), MEB (Ministry of Education), TODER and a lot more on a local, national and international level. They have been a part of the IBMF since the beginning and have become one of the partners in such an exclusive international cooperation of artist in this area.

(..) A very different conversation unfolds in the work of Turkish body musicians KeKeÇa… (They) transform Turkish traditional songs into gentle pieces for the body with a flowing subtlety—an elegant departure from the athletic prowess sometimes associated with body music.

(..) Some of the body-music art forms have rarely or never been seen before in the Bay Area. The İstanbul based …KeKeÇa…sets the odd-metered music of Turkey to gracefully flowing grooves. Rather than emphasizing speed and intricate technique, KeKeÇa’s Tugay Başar and Timuçin Gürer create music that’s measured, funky “and very sensual” (Keith) Terry says “like running water over rocks”.