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KeKeÇa Body Percussion Ensemble; founded by Tugay Başar and Timuçin Gürer, have been working since 2002; doing performances, trainings and workshops, working for international and local projects for culture, arts and education through body percussion and body music. The group has performances, workshops with various diverse groups and ages, as well as inclusive, disabled, and disadvantaged groups. They involve the audience in their performances and emphasize interactivity. Some of the recent works and collaborations include IBMF (International Body Music Festival), Pembroke College (Oxford University), Liverpool Biennial, CaixaForum, TED (Turkish Education Association) and many others.


Tugay Basar and Timucin Gurer who have been working together since 2002 founded the KeKeÇa ensemble of body percussion and body music. Since 2008 Gökçe, Ayse and Özgü joined in. The group has performances, interactive shows, workshops with various diverse groups and ages, teacher trainings, trainings for adults and youngsters as well as inclusive, disabled, and disadvantaged groups.

Tugay Başar

He is the founder of KeKeÇa. He studied ethnomusicology. He played, sang and conducted various music ensembles. Also, he is continuing his works on Music and Movement Education with Orff approach. He established KeKeCa – EEYO Ensemble that consists of hearing impaired students from Eskisehir Anadolu University with Timuçin Gürer and Zekiye Doğan with the understanding of “Every Body Hears-Her Beden Duyar”.

Timuçin Gürer

He is the founder of KeKeÇa. He insists on being a (body) musician and an engineer simultaneously. He was involved in folk music/dance and theater groups and he is a member of Ayşe Tütüncü Piano Percussion Ensemble currently. He is concentrated on the interface of body music field with music, percussion and improvisation; as well as with theatre and dance. He believes every body can join in the music.

Gökçe Gürçay

He has been the drummer of Gevende music band since 2002. He has been working as a trainer at Zilzurna Rhythm Group of Semaver Kumpanya Theater Company since 2006. He has done rhythm workshops in 45 cities with 11000 kids with Zilzurna in Turkey, as part of Independence Train Project (by Hurriyet Media). He started soundpainting (sign language for live composition and improvisation) and have workshops as a sound- painter since 2008. He is the soundpainter of Istanbul Soundpainting Orchestra. He ran into body percussion and became a member of KeKeÇa in 2009. He had performances and workshops in Portugal, Brasil, USA, Italy, Germany, France, Holland as well as nearly all International Body Music Festivals as an official artist. He started his solo show ''Me Play Me'' in 2011 and a duo show ''A Couple of Works'' with Ayşe Akarsu in 2012. He choreographed sound and movement of the nation-wide famous ''Hayde'' scene in film ''Av Mevsimi''. He continues to offer workshops, performances, body music scene designs and various artistic collaborations for national and international projects.

Ayşe Akarsu

She is a learning designer and a body music artist. She has been working in education as a learning designer, trainer for lifelong learning institutions, also coordinating international projects in various disciplines. She always had several art forms in her life, started music by playing the piano in 1987. She is a passionate learner, performer, designer, facilitator and trainer of body music since 2008. She believes body music is the most natural and naïve way to express feelings, to have balance in life and to discover ways of creativity. She is a member of KeKeÇa since 2009. She works with many groups including dancers, students, professional music and performance groups, musicians, disadvantaged, disabled, kids and youngsters. She has been giving workshops with KeKeÇa in many countries as well as many cities in Turkey, attending IBMF as an official artist, collaborating with other musicians from around the world. She leads ''The Ladies'' group in Istanbul designing body music for many traditional songs from different cultures as well as Anatolian. She is also a member of Istanbul Soundpainting Orchestra. Email:

Özgü Bulut

Bachelor in Classical Percussion Performance - minor in Ensemble Conducting. Masters in Musicology, PhD in performance, thesis in Turkish: Body Music and Crowds, 2010. Faculty member at OMU State Conservatory, trainer at Turkish Ministry of Education, Turkish Education Association. Instructed interactive TV lectures, worked with mallet bands, children with autism, factory workers, bus drivers, psychotherapists, architecture students, visual artists, musicians, actors and educators. Encourages composers to use body music, composes music for instruments and body percussion, publishes books and articles. As a composer/performer, Bulut enjoys creating polyrhythmic textures by using spoken phrases, and cultural rhythm patterns. His melodies draw inspiration from the Symphonic Repertoire, Turkish Maqam, and Folk, Blues, and Rock music. Since 2021 he has a research with music therapists to find out the contributions and functionalities of Body Music in professional practice of music therapists through the Body Music Course for a master's program in music therapy. The research is funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, hosted by ESMuC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya), and supported by ACMT (Catalan Association of Music Therapy).