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Tugay Basar and Timucin Gurer who have been working together since 2002 are doing performances, trainings and workshops, working for international and local projects for culture, arts and education through body percussion and body music. Since 2008 Gökçe, Ayse and Ezo joined in. The group has performances, workshops with various diverse groups and ages, teacher trainings, trainings for adults and youngsters as well as inclusive, disabled, and disadvantaged groups. They involve the audience also in their performances.


About the group

Tugay Başar

He studied ethnomusicology. He played, sang and conducted various music ensembles. Also, he is continuing his works on Music and Movement Education with Orff approach. He established KeKeCa – EEYO Ensemble that consists of hearing impaired students from Eskisehir Anadolu University with Timuçin Gürer and Zekiye Doğan with the understanding of “Every Body Hears-Her Beden Duyar”. Email:

Timuçin Gürer

He insists on being a (body) musician and an engineer simultaneously. He was involved in folk music/dance and theater groups and he is a member of Ayşe Tütüncü Piano Percussion Ensemble currently. He is concentrated on the interface of body music field with music, percussion and improvisation; as well as with theatre and dance. He believes every body can join in the music.

Gökçe Gürçay

He is the drummer of Gevende music group. He moved to Istanbul with Gevende after his graduation from university in Eskişehir. He is involved in Ayşe Tütüncü Piano Percussion Ensemble. He learnt to teach rhythm while leading the Zilzurna Rhythm Ensemble that is made up of theatre performers. For years he played the drums, pans, buckets… He recently discovered to play his own body. Email:

Ayşe Akarsu

She graduated from advertising, chose learning design as profession and always had several art forms in her life. She met music by playing the piano and singing; recently became a passionate learner of body music. She believes body music is the most natural and naïve way to express feelings. Email: